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Hoodoo Roots SANTA BARBARA Tra-

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tective aid and strength of Santa Barbara.

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them to you.

Santa Barbara was the daughter of

a wealthy pagan nobleman, Dioscorus,

whose desire to protect his daughter

from men and influences not meeting

with his approval led him to house her

in a tower. There, he felt, she would de-

velop properly and without temptation.


Dioscorus commissioned a bath-

house to be built by the tower for his

daughter. This construction took place

while he was away from the area for an

extended period of time.


One day, while her father was away,

Santa Barbara closely examined the

Santa Barbara postcard from our collection

This is our personal Santa Barbara altar.

With upraised sword, she fiercely protects.

bath-house being constructed. There

were two windows in the building plan

which had been approved by Dioscorus,

but Santa Barbara told the workmen to

create a third window. Although the

laborers were not comfortable with

a change in their orders since their

master was away, Santa Barbara insis-

ted, and took upon herself all respon-

sibility for the change.


As legend as it, she stood in front of

the three windows and traced a cross

upon the wall, marking it in the Name

of the Father, the Son, and the Holy

Ghost. The three windows were now

were a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

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