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When Dioscorus returned from his

journey to find the third window and

the cross on the wall, he furiously con-

fronted his daughter, who told him that

she had, indeed, become a Christian.


Dioscorus, in great anger, brought St.

Barbara to Marcian, the Roman prefect,

who had her tortured and imprisoned.

Despite this brutality, she remained

faithful and did not denounce her com-

mitment to Christ. According to legend,

Santa Barbara knelt and prayed through

the night, asking God for the strength

to remain faithful. It is said that the

wounds she had received in torture were

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miraculously healed during the night.

The next day, St. Barbara was brought

again before the Roman prefect, and once

more refused to renounce her faith.

She was tortured again, as was her cell-

mate, her fellow Christian Juliana. De-

spite all this, neither young woman de-

nounced Christianity, instead drawing

strength from prayer.


Finally, Marcian ordered that both St.

Barbara and Juliana be killed. Dioscorus,

Santa Barbara’s father, took up his sword

and in terrible anger, beheaded his daugh-

ter. St. Juliana too was killed by an execu-

tioner. As both men were leaving this

Santa Barbara statue

Santa Barbara, Saint Catherine, and Mary Mag-

delene. Mertz, German, c. 1900. Steel-plate

engraving. From our private collection.

terrible scene, fiery flashes of lightning

struck first one, then the other; both

men were instantly killed. Marcian, the

Roman prefect, is reported to have died

of fright upon hearing this news.


To this day, Santa Barbara is beseech-

ed for protection from lightning strikes.

Her intercession is invoked against sud-

den and violent death. She is the Patron

Saint of artillerymen and all those who

work with ordinance, explosive muni-

tions, cannons, and things that go boom.

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