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Santa Barbara is invoked against fever.

She is the Patron Saint of architects, sail-

ors, and firefighters. Her Feast Day is cel-

ebrated on December 4 by Roman Cath-

olics, and Dec. 17 by the Eastern Orthodox.

Santa Barbara is also the Patron Saint

of beautiful Santa Barbara, a jewel of a

little city on the central California coast.

The old Spanish mission there is named

for her. Hoodoo Roots is located just out-

side of the city of Santa Barbara, in Santa

Barbara County. We have a special affinity

for and appreciation of this beloved saint.

Crown and radiance

The Yoruban diety Chango, who was

once a King, is syncretized with this saint.

Head of statue

A red robe, a chalice, and a tower are present

in virtually all images and statues of St. Barbara.

Some have her holding the lilies of virginity or

the palm frond symbol of the Christian martyrs.

Others have her holding a sword. Sometimes the

sword is held point down, but a statue of her with

her sword held aloft has a particularly potent and

fierce vibration. Such statues and images are

uniquely well suited to rituals invoking the aid of

this fiery, magnificent saint.


Anoint red candles with Hoodoo

Roots SANTA BARBARA Spiritual

Oil. You may also use the Spiritual

Sachet Powders to dress your candles,

to dress yourself, and to blow into

your environment. Bathe in SANTA

BARBARA Spiritual Bath Crystals.

Rinse your altar cloths in a solution

of the Crystals. Prepare a solution of

the Crystals to be used as a sprinkle

in your home or work environment.

Burn one of our blessed, dressed Santa

Barbara Vigil Candles while you pray

for her holy intercession.


Catholics consider Santa Barbara

to be one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

As she is syncretized with the deified

Yoruban King Shango (Chango), she is

also one of the Seven African Powers.

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A Prayer to Santa Barbara

Oh God, who among the other miracles of Your power, have given the

victory of martyrdom, grant, we beseech You, that we, who are celebrating

the heavenly Blessed Barbara, Your Virgin and Martyr, may by her example

draw nearer to You.

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