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Steady Work

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Hoodoo Roots STEADY WORK is an

old-time hoodoo formula which emphasizes

reliable employment and a steady, rather

than an erratic, stream of income. STEADY

WORK is useful for those who are seeking

work which will provide stability and pre-

dictable, dependable, fair wages. This useful

formula can also be used by freelancers and

the self-employed who wish to make their

work and income less of a roller coaster.


Our STEADY WORK Spiritual Supplies,

including the Conjure Oil, our fine herb,

root, and flower Spiritual Sachet & Dusting

Powders, the Spiritual Bath & Washing

Crystals, Mojo Bags, dressed and blessed

Crown and radiance

Vigil Candles, and our wonder-

fully convenient Mojo-to-Go!,

all are made with real herbs,

roots, and pure botanical essen-

ces. The herbs and roots used

in this formula have long been

recognized as having an effect

upon employment and income.


Anoint a green candle with

STEADY WORK Conjure Oil,

drawing the oil towards you.

If working with a glass-encased candle, glue an image of yourself to the front

of the glass. Make the sign of the cross on the forehead of this image, using

STEADY WORK Spiritual Sachet Powders. Prepare an orange candle, anoint-

ing this with our STAR OF SUCCESS Conjure Oil. Make yourself a sweeten-


ing jar for every job you are applying

for, and burn the orange candle on

top of this jar. Place the green candle

in front of this setup. Pray on a daily

basis for success and stability, work

hard and keep a good strong clean

work ethic. We suggest that this

spell be done not just by those who

are hoping to find work, but also by

those who are concerned that their

job may be threatened by layoffs, a

reduction of hours, etc. Continue this

work until your conditions stabilize.


Carry salt in your pocket along

with a ginseng root and a John the Conqueror root sewn into red cloth. Joe-

pye weed, salt, five-finger grass, and Devil’s Shoestring sewn into red cloth

also make a fine protective steady work mojo.

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Never let yourself or your family run out of salt. Do not use the last of

the salt in your home; instead, go right out and by more so you always have

a steady supply. This will help to protect your financial stability.

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