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Saint Jude is widely recognized

as the Patron Saint of Desperate

Cases. His intercession is implored

by people around the world whose

troubles and tangled situations are

seemingly intractable, or perhaps

simply too difficult to bear. News-

paper classified pages everywhere

carry notices of heartfelt thanks

to St. Jude from those he has aided.


The apostle St. Jude was present

at the Last Supper with Jesus Christ.

St. Jude is depicted with the flame

of the Holy Spirit hovering upon his

brow. This is the sign of the spirit

spoken of in Acts 2:3. Despite some

similarity in their names, St. Jude

is not Judas Iscariot, the betrayer.

Crown and radiance

Saint Jude is frequently shown wearing green robes. He often holds or

wears a medal or image of Jesus. A palm frond may be in his arms. He may

also be holding a club, a spear, or an ax, all symbols of his martyrdom. An

arrow, an oar, a boat hook, a boat or a ship, and a book also feature in some of

his iconographic art. He is the Patron Saint of desperate situations, of forgot-

ten, lost, and impossible causes. Hospitals and hospital workers are under

his patronage, as well. The famous St. Jude’s Childrens Research Hospital

was founded by entertainer Danny Thomas as a fulfillment of his promise to

Saint Jude, in gratitude for prayers answered.


Anoint green candles with Hoodoo Roots brand SAINT JUDE Spiritual Oil.

Place a glass of pure water by your candles, and pray your heartfelt prayer.

We find it helpful to have an image or a statue of the saint by our candles.

You may also use our dressed, blessed SAINT JUDE Vigil Candles, which

will arrive ready to be lit. Simply focus, say your prayer, and light the candle.

St Jude statue

However, do no wait if your

need is urgent. All that is

truly necessary is a sincere,

heartfelt effort to make con-

tact with Saint Jude. Pray

with humility and the ut-

most sincerity. Keep

making the effort and

do not give up and do

not lose courage.

Keep the faith. Your

prayers are heard.

For a traditional

prayer, read p. 2.

A SAINT JUDE Spiritual Bath

can be taken at any time. You

may find it helpful to take one

of these pure, uplifting baths

when preparing to make a

novena to this kind, gracious

saint. A novena is a nine-

day prayer ritual in the

Catholic tradition. You

may wish to coordinate

the timing of your

novena to be in sync

with the Feast Day

of St. Jude, Oct. 28.

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And there appeared to them parted tongues as it were of fire,

and it sat upon every one of them. ~Acts 2:3

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