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St. Martha label

Saint Martha was the sister of

Mary and of Lazarus. Many believe

that St. Martha’s sister Mary was

Mary Magdelene. It is written that

Jesus loved Martha, Mary, and their

brother Lazarus.

Saint Martha witnessed Jesus

raising her brother Lazarus from the

dead when he had already lain en-

tombed for four days. She was

present at the gathering where her

sister Mary Magdelen anointed the

feet of Jesus with precious scent.

Of that time, it is written “...and

Martha served”. Our label shows

Saint Martha doing just that, active-

ly offering sustenance and hospital-


Crown and radiance

There is a legend that Saint Mar-

that sailed to Provence and beyond

after the crucifixion of Jesus. In response to the heartfelt pleas of those living

by the River Rhone in the area between Arles and Avignon, St. Martha went

forth to confront a fierce dragon named Tarasque which had been terrorizing

the countryside.


According to legend, she met the beast barefoot and unarmed but for the

cross and holy water. It is said that she came upon the dragon as he was con-

suming a man he had caught, and that the saint overcame his fierce nature by

sprinkling holy water upon him with a palm leaf, and by displaying the cross.

Thus much iconographic art of St. Martha shows her standing atop a dragon.

St Martha prepares the feast

Saint Martha is the

Patron Saint of cooks,

waiters and waitresses,

domestic workers and

servants, housekeepers,

hotel-keepers, innkeep-

ers, launderers and laun-

dresses, travelers, dieti-

cians, man-servants,

maids, housewives,

homemakers, all those

who serve, and travelers.


Perhaps because those who work as servants to others are particularly vul-

nerable to the whims of their masters, St. Martha has developed a following

amongst those who are in a subservient position for whatever reason and who

need an advocate against abuse. To them, she is known as “Saint Martha the

Dominator”. Though St. Martha is frequently called upon to help dominate

and control others, she can also be called upon for many other purposes.

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