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Saint Michael the Archangel is

recognized in Jewish, Christian,

and Islamic holy texts as a Champion

and Defender of the people.

He is a fiery saint, often depicted

with a sword of flames and the scales

of justice. He is most often shown

conquering Satan and his minions in

in battle, defeating and crushing sin.


Saint Michael the Archangel is

the Field Commander of the Army

of God. He is the Patron Saint of

policemen and soldiers.

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Michael the Archangel is also the

Patron Saint of the sick, and medici-

nal, healing, holy springs bearing his

name or associated with his venera-

tion were legendary in Greece and

elsewhere through the ancient world.

A temple called the Michaelion, loca-

ted near Constantinople, was said to

have been the site where Saint Michael

the Archangel appeared to Emperor Con-

stantine. Some would sleep in this sanc-

tuary to receive an apparition of this

fiery and glorious archangel.

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Saint Michael the Archangel has also

been charged with the holy responsibil-

ity of protecting the souls of the newly

departed from harm, and with bringing

all souls to judgement at the end of time.

He is the Patron and the Protector of the

Roman Catholic Church, and has been

so since the time of the Apostles.

Grocers, mariners, and radiologists

also have Saint Michael the Archangel

as their Patron Saint.

September 29 is the Feast Day of

Saint Michael the Archangel, Gabriel the

Archangel, and the Archangel Raphael. In Britain, this date is known as

Michaelmas. In addition, May 8 is celebrated as the Feast Day of the Appari-

tion of Saint Michael the Archangel.


Many today pray to Saint Michael the Archangel for his fierce and fiery

protection. A traditional, protective charm is easily made by placing grains

of paradise (Aframomum melegueta, a peppery spice in the ginger family) in

a bag. The bag is then placed behind a picture of Saint Michael the Archangel,

which is then kept by the door of one’s home. Some place these charms at

both their front and back doors. (Continued on Page 2)

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