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TALK TO ME by Hoodoo Roots is an

fine hoodoo formula which we personally

developed for our rootworking practice.

Use TALK TO ME to encourage someone

to open up and express themselves.

Whether this is used to encourage a ro-

mantic interest to call and communicate,

or to help someone whose difficult issues

or shyness make talking difficult, Hoodoo

Roots brand TALK TO ME will help to

loosen their tongues.


Our TALK TO ME formula is also

useful in court case situations to encour-

age eloquence on the part of your lawyers

and other advocates. We will caution you,

however, to use this formula with care,

as it has been known occasionally to

loosen tongues a bit too much. Be pre-

pared to hear the truth!

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Prepare a TALK TO ME Spiritual Bath

if you are overly shy, if you are having

trouble expressing your feelings, if your

loved one needs to be a mind reader to

understand you. Join the ranks of the

communicative with TALK TO ME!

on the phone

Draw a TALK TO ME Bath for the one

you care about who is finding it so hard

to share their thoughts and emotions!



Anoint a yellow candle with TALK TO

ME Conjure Oil, drawing the oil smooth-

ly up the candle towards you. If you wish

to make a conversation gentle, you may

sprinkle a little sugar and some ground

flax on your candle, or place these things

into the melted wax pool as your candle


If using a 7-day glass-encased yellow

candle, consider enlarging a photo of

the individual you wish to effect so that

from the top of their head to the bottom

of their neck measures 2-3”. Be sure to

use a photo in which their eyes are on

the camera. We have found that photos

in which the subject is in a thoughtful


mood or smiling are more useful for the purpose of magical influence than those photos

in which they are laughing. Cut their image from the background of the photo, and glue

their picture onto the center of the glass candle jar. Anoint their image with Hoodoo

Roots brand TALK TO ME Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders, making a cross on their

foreheads, by each ear, and on their throats. You may also make a cross on their image

with TALK TO ME Hoodoo Oil, using a light touch. Light their candle as you pray for

increased communication. Talk to their photo, telling them that communicating with

you is safe. Tell them that they really want to talk with you! (Continued on Page 2)

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