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is a strong and traditional formula

for taking off crossed conditions

and for removing the effects of

malevolence and witchcraft, thus

enabling the unfortunate afflicted

individual to begin to truly recover.

UNCROSSING products contain

real roots, herbs, and pure botani-

cal essences. These ingredients

have long been recognized for their

spiritual power and ability to re-

move evil.

Crown and radiance

When folks come to us expres-

sing a belief that they have been

crossed, cursed, jinxed, hoodooed,

rooted, or thrown for, we spend a

little while speaking with them,

reading them, and observing them.

We do this in order to determine

to our satisfaction whether they have, in fact, been victimized by a worker of

evil, or whether their lives have simply gone off track due to some other cause.

In many cases we have found that their lives have become tangled up due to

causes other than witchcraft, and we do not like to alarm our clients.

Nevertheless, we recognize that, unfortunately, there are plenty of wicked folks

in the world who for one reason or another delight in doing harm. Uncrossing

is one of the best contributions of the trained rootworker or spiritual worker to

his or her community, as it can really make a huge difference in the life of the

afflicted individual and in the lives of those who love him or her.


If you believe that you have been crossed deliberately, or if you simply feel

the need to unknot unwholesome and unsatisfactory conditions in your life

in order to have the strength and clarity to move towards a better life, we

wholeheartedly recommend our authentic, traditional UNCROSSING Spiritual

Supplies. In many cases we suggest that a series of 13 baths be taken. Our

most frequent suggestion is that these baths be taken three times a week for

a period of one month, particularly if the person has been afflicted for a long

while. In especially extreme cases, we may suggest 13 daily baths. Our Oil,

Sachet Powders, dressed and blessed Vigil Lights and other supplies are all

fine additions to our bath formula, and all will work together for the user,

bringing relief, freedom from the mess they’ve been carrying, and new hope.

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Purchase UNCROSSING Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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