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Featuring VAN-VAN Conjure Oil, Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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Hoodoo Powders can always be

sprinkled in an environment or out-

of-doors when you wish to change

the atmosphere or to affect someone

else who will come into contact with

them. The key is prayerful intent and

focus as you sprinkle, blow, or other-

wise deploy them.


Because talc is closely related to

asbestos and has been linked to

various health problems, our pure

herb, root, and flower Spiritual

Sachet Powders contain no talc

whatsoever. Talc is a very inex-

pensive manufacturing ingredient,

whereas our powdered roots and

herbs are costly. However, we believe

that you and your workings are worth

this level of purity and care. Use with

confidence! We care about you and

your health!

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Take a VAN-VAN Spiritual Bath

on a routine basis to help clear away

spiritual muck and the daily accum-

ulation of life’s little messes. You

may also wish to use Hoodoo Roots

brand VAN-VAN Spiritual Bath Crys-

tals in a full crossroads bathing ritual,

by reserving some of your used bath-

water and taking it to the crossroads

following your bath. Face the east,

since that is where power rises, make

your prayer for open roads and luck,

then toss the liquid into the intersec-

tion. Go back home without worry

or uncertainty; simply accept that

your prayer has been heard.



Prepare a solution of VAN-VAN

Crystals and water. You may add a

small amount of Holy Water obtained

from a church, if you wish. We like to add this in to many of our workings.

Wipe down the surfaces of your environment, wipe down your doors, door

jambs, lintels, thresholds, etc. You may also prepare a solution of the Crystals

to be used as a floorwash. This will ensure that your home or place of business

will be truly spiritually clean, lucky, shining, and uplifted! (Continued...)

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Purchase VAN-VAN Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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