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Featuring YOU CAN’T SEE ME Conjure Oil, Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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YOU CAN’T SEE ME Tradition-

al Spiritual Supplies by Hoodoo

Roots are designed to shield you

and your doings from the prying

eyes of others.


jure Oil, Spiritual Sachet & Dusting

Powders, Spiritual Bath & Washing

Crystals, dressed and blessed Vigil

Candles, Mojo Bags, and Mojo-to-

Go! all contain roots, herbs, and

pure botanical essences regarded

as being able to confer a type of

invisibility to the user, both by

distracting those who might other-

wise see you, and by simultaneously

shielding you from being noticed.

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While we prefer to live in a

transparent fashion for many good

reasons, and advise you to do the

same, we do recognize that there

chess pawn

are situations where a formula of

this nature can be extremely useful.

Are you preparing for a court case?

YOU CAN’T SEE ME can keep the

opposition in the dark until you’re

ready. Is secrecy critical to your bus-

iness success? YOU CAN’T SEE ME

can help you to keep those trade se-

crets from your competitors until you

are ready for your big reveal! Are you

dealing with competitors who are not

above low and dirty tricks? Use our

YOU CAN’T SEE ME to help them to remain clueless about your business.


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YOU CAN’T SEE ME Conjure Oil

can be used to anoint purple, white,

grey, or black candles. These can-

dles can either represent the one

or ones you wish not to see you, or

they can be used to encircle a can-

dle representing you in a shield of

invisibility. Our dressed and bles-

sed YOU CAN’T SEE ME Vigil Can-

dles offer a fine alternative!


Bathe in the Bath Crystals during those times when it is important to remain

under the radar. Prepare a solution using the Crystals mixed with water, and

sprinkle this around your home, your work environment, or anywhere else your

privacy and anonymity are important. Dust yourself, your clothing, your shoes,

your environment, paperwork or other items with YOU CAN’T SEE ME Spirit-

ual Sachet Powders. Carry a YOU CAN’T SEE ME Mojo Bag to keep on the

down-low. YOU CAN’T SEE ME is sold as a curio only.

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Purchase YOU CAN’T SEE ME Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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