Spiritual Work


Gather together your materials. You will need one or more white candles,
matches, a new box of baking soda, a container of salt. You may use any kind of salt; sea salt is traditional and is available in many grocery stores or at health food stores. You may also use kosher salt, which is available in a rectangular blue box from Morton's, and is available at most grocery stores. You can also use rock salt, which may take awhile to dissolve, or regular table salt. I also advise using about one cup of Holy Water from a Catholic church. Most churches have a large urn of this available for free - just bring a jar or other container to transport it. If this is not easily available to you, you may just use the salt and baking soda.

Plan to take this bath at a time when you're unlikely to be interrupted.
Turn off the ringer on the phone.
Run a bath for yourself. Make the water comfortable, but not hot.
This is a spiritual bath and as such does not use soap. If you are in need of a shower, take that first, rinse out the tub, then run your bath.

As the water flows into the tub, stir the salt and the baking soda into the bathwater using a clockwise motion, praying as you do so that the water be blessed to take away from you all that is negative and troubling in your life. Then pour the Holy Water into the water, a little at a time, again in a clockwise motion.
You may cross yourself with the Holy Water first but do not make yourself uncomfortable if your religious upbringing does not involve doing so.

Light the candles, and extinguish the electric lights. Take the bath by candlelight.

Get into the tub, and relax for a few minutes. Let your body unwind. Enjoy the candlelight. Try to relax your mind.

Then pray. Ask for the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of the Water, to help you, to take away from you all of the hurt and upset and frustration and anger, all of the sense of loss and unhappiness and any other bad feeling you have been carrying around.

Fully immerse yourself several times (I suggest four times).
Each time, go completely under the water with your head and face.

Using your hands, scoop water up and pour it over your body, moving your hands downwards - in other words, do not rub up and down, just have the movement of your hands and the water on your body be down from your head to your toes, to assist with the release of the bad emotions and feelings.

Relax again.

When you are ready, "push" out of your body all of the hurt, anger, frustration, worry, regret, sense of loss, upset, etc. that you can find inside of yourself out of you and into the water. Visualize strongly. Try to see the negativity that has burdened you pouring out of you and into the water like cream pours into coffee. See it dark and roiling into the water.

When you have pushed everything negative you can find inside of yourself into the water, rise and step out of the tub. Pull the plug.

You may wrap a towel around your hair, but do not rub your body dry. It is important for you to air dry rather than towel dry, but you can drape a towel or robe about yourself if it is cold. Ideally, it is best to just let yourself dry in the open air.

Go into your bedroom or another safe, quiet area, and pray. I like the 23rd Psalm here (The Lord is my shephard, I shall not want) and the Lord's Prayer (Our Father, Who Art in Heaven). You may also pray the Hail Mary. Of course, you may also just speak straight from the heart, and pray completely in your own words.

This bath may make you feel a little tired, so for this reason it is good to plan to take it at night before bed, but this is not strictly necessary.

You may take this as often as once a day if you feel the need.
It is a good bath to take particularly when under great emotional stress as it helps to remove from our spirits and spirit bodies the mess we can carry around, and helps to bring in blessings, and helps to bring our situations to the attention of the Holy Spirit.

Before you use the tub again, I advise wiping it with ammonia, because though you usually cannot see it, this bath tends to leave a bit of psychic residue in the tub.